Larry Boltovskoi

Web Developer

About Me


Hi, I’m Larry Boltovskoi, Web Developer, Engineering Student at GroupT and an all-round geek from Leuven, Belgium. The last 6 years I have been passionate about nearly every aspect of web development, and I am constantly learning new things. Before continuing to the high-techy-stuff, allow me to be a bit personal… I have done Ice dancing for about 4 years with a wonderful girl that now is my girlfriend! I’m a big music lover and weekly watcher of The Big Bang Theory and Once Upon A Time. I like reading a good book and time to time I play the pinao. I’m very optimistic and generally enjoy life. Oh, and my full name is Philaret Boltovskoi, I was born in Russia but moved to Belgium at the age of 4.

Back-end Development

Though my first encounter with programming was with batch files and mIRC, my real first script was in PHP back when it was at version 5.2. And since then I’ve learnt everything there is to learn in order to develop websites; html, css, javascript and MySQL. Later I found out about the wonderful world of jQuery and the MVC-Framework CodeIgniter. After having mastered CodeIgniter well enough to the point where I was extending the code to my needs I moved to Laravel due to it’s simplicity and elegance. On the way I also picked up NodeJS and I have experimented quite a bit with it using Express.

Front-end Development & Design

I’m not a great designer but I’m improving that! I do know everything I need to know though, but I prefer to use HTML5Boilerplate or Bootstrap and modify that to something semi-decent or find a designer to do that bit.

My setup

In 2011 I replaced my Windows Laptop with a MacBook Pro, and I couldn’t go back to an only windows-setup anymore because… OSX is a fork of Unix which allows me to use the same packages and commands as on linux. This allowed me to explore how unix works and a year later I traded my shared host for a VPS and currently I’m running 3 small VPS servers and 1 AWS EC2 instance.

Currently I do all of my development using vim (Thanks to spf13), locally as well server-side. (Couldn’t be possible if it weren’t for mosh, tmux and iTerm2).

I spend certainly more than 8h a day on average behind my MacBook, so a faster machine means less time lost. Therefor I’ve upgraded my MacBook Pro with a Samsung 840 SSD, Caddy for secondary larger HD and 16GB RAM (now at least I can have over 40 tabs open in Chrome).